Favorite Food Links

I probably visit Serious Eats three or four times a day, on average.  The site consists of many blogs on various topics (Dinner Tonight, The Food Lab, and Drinking the Bottom Shelf are some of my favorites) so new posts roll in at a steady clip during the weekday.  They’ve accumulated a large collection of good recipes through the years and have a very active forum community.

Every recipe I’ve tried from Smitten Kitchen so far has worked out beautifully.  Deb does a very good job of describing how to successfully pull of her recipes, which are delicious without fail.  On top of that, she’s a very talented food photographer.

There’s a lot of tasty and healthy food (well photographed to boot) over at 101 Cookbooks.

My best luck at Thai food has come through following directions from She Simmers.

The Anchorage Food Mosaic Project is a local Alaska blog with multiple contributors that celebrates cultural foods.

Michael Ruhlman is the Man.

I often really enjoy The Minimalist column in the New York Times, written by Mark Bittman.  He also has a blog.

I recently stumbled upon One Fork, One Spoon, which is a NYC-based blog with a Korean (yum) bent.


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