A Long Way of Saying We Made Fried Chicken and it was Bitching

The Boring Background Bit

There were several factors that came together to result in me cooking fried chicken (not a meal I would commonly cook or order out) on Sunday night.  The first being that, based on the advice of Bittman and Ruhlman, I started making my own poultry stock this past winter.  The impact that homemade stock has had on my cooking is so profound, that I vowed to never use store-bought chicken stock again.  The main hurdle with this has been procuring chicken carcasses with which to make said stock (this is actually a separate topic that I would like to expand on later; suffice it to say, I’m roasting a lot more chickens these days than I used to, often for the primary reason I’m in need of stock).  I used up my last bit of stock last week making some risotto, so this weekend I was once again looking for a reason to cook chicken.

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